Manage databases in Android devices, in real time, without leaving Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA

SQLScout is a plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA that provides powerful, dedicated support for managing and debugging SQLite databases.

New in 2.0!

View, manage, debug and update SQLite databases in your Android device, in real time, without leaving your IDE.

  • No need to download database files from your device anymore
  • No more time spent on roundtrips or app redeployments
  • Increased productivity!

SQLScout 2.0

Features Overview

  • Database schema explorer where you can connect to SQLite databases, browse their schemas and data, and open SQL editors and diagrams.
  • Powerful SQL editor where you can easily write and execute statements to query and manipulate data, with the help of syntax highlighting, code completion, reference navigation, refactoring and more!
  • Slick data console that features viewing query results and manipulating table data, free of SQL statements. You can also export its contents to different formats.
  • Intuitive diagrams that helps you quickly view and understand all the tables in a schema and their relationships.

Database Schema Explorer

SQLScout allows you to connect to SQLite databases in Android applications or in the file system, browse the elements of an schema, find usages of tables and columns, quickly open in-memory SQL editors, view and edit table data. Learn more.

You can connect to databases running on an Android device or the emulator, or stored in the file system.

You can browse the schema of a database, view detailed information of tables and columns, and jump to the columns that foreign keys refer to.

You can find usages of any table or column in SQL statements. You can also find references to columns by foreign keys.

You can open a new SQL editor for a selected database. The contents of in-memory editors can, later on, be stored on disk.


SQL Editor

SQLScout’s powerful SQL editor provides a complete set of features that you need from an IDE: syntax highlighting, code completion, navigation to schema and alias definition, and much more. Learn more.

The editor can complete keywords, functions, table and column names, and aliases, within the visibility scope.

The editor automatically finds and updates all references, when renaming a table alias.

The editor can navigate to the definitions of tables, columns and aliases, from a targeted SQL statement.

The editor embeds a quick information for SQLite functions, as well as a link to the online documentation.


Data Console

SQLScout’s data console can display query results, edit table data, and export its content to different formats, such as Excel! Learn more.

The console displays query results, record pagination is provided if necessary. The console also keeps a history of executed SQL statements!

The console features viewing and manipulating table data, free of SQL statements. The console includes special editors for each data type, including BLOBs!

The console sorts the displayed data by one or multiple columns, in ascending or descending order, by clicking the column headers.

The console can export the displayed data to different formats (CSV, TSV, HTML and Excel.) Data can be exported to the clipboard or saved to a file.

Database Diagrams

SQLScout creates diagrams for databases, to aid visualization of tables, columns and relationships. Learn more.

You can select a table in a diagram and view its data.

You can move tables around or have the diagram arrange them automatically.

You can open an interactive diagram overview that is always in sync with the editor.

You can export diagrams to multiple formats.


What IDE versions does SQLScout support?

SQLScout supports the latest versions of these great IDEs: Android Studio 2.3, and IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3.

Is SQLScout open source?

SQLScout is not open source. If you’d like to buy or license the source code, please contact us at contact at idescout.com.

IDEScout and SQLScout

IDEScout, Inc. is the company behind SQLScout.