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SQLScout 4.2.0 Released


  1. If SQLScout server is not found as a dependency, SQLScout now automatically adds both com.idescout.sql:sqlscout-server and com.idescout.sql:sqlscout-server-noop to the application’s debug and release build types, respectively:
  2.   debugImplementation 'com.idescout.sql:sqlscout-server:4.0'
      releaseImplementation 'com.idescout.sql:sqlscout-server-noop:4.0'
  3. Fixed bug where SQLScout preferences/settings were not stored in the correct location in the file system.
  4. Room Migration:
    • Version of Room to use is now a configurable preference/setting.

  5. SQL editor:
    • Added support for EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN.

    • Strings now can be used as column aliases.

    • Functions can be used as table references in ‘from’ clauses.

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