News: SQLScout 3.3.0 released!
Execute SQL statements inside Room @Query annotations, support for parameterized statements and more!

Core Features


SQLite Explorer

Connect to SQLite databases

Database Schema Explorer

SQLScout allows you to connect to SQLite databases in Android devices or in the file system, browse the elements of an schema, find usages of tables and columns, quickly open in-memory SQL editors, view and edit table data.

SQL Editor

Write and execute SQL statements

SQL Editor

SQLScout’s powerful SQL editor provides a complete set of features that you need from an IDE: syntax highlighting, code completion, navigation to schema and alias definition, and much more.

SQL Console

View and update your data

Data Console

SQLScout’s data console can display query results, edit table data, and export its content to different formats, such as Excel!

Database Diagrams
Visualize your database

Database Diagrams

SQLScout creates diagrams for databases, to aid visualization of tables, columns and relationships.


What IDE versions does SQLScout support?

SQLScout supports the latest versions of these great IDEs: Android Studio 3.0.1, and IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3.

Is SQLScout open source?

SQLScout is not open source. If you’d like to buy or license the source code, please contact us at contact at

IDEScout and SQLScout

IDEScout, Inc. is the company behind SQLScout.