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SQLScout 4.1.0 Released


  1. Support for Android Studio 3.1.0.
    SQLScout 4.1.0 is compatible with Android Studio 3.1.0. Due to changes in Android Studio itself, this version of SQLScout is not compatible with older versions of Android Studio.
  2. Room Migration improvements.

    1. Added support for nullability when generating Entity classes from a database schema.
      • For Kotlin entities, field types are marked as nullable (using the ? keyword.)
      • For Java entities, getters and setter-parameters are annotated with @NonNull and @Nullable (from the package.)
    2. Generated code is automatically formatted.
  3. SQL editor improvements.
    1. Added support for compound queries using the UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT or EXCEPT operators. Support includes parsing, syntax highlighting and code completion.
    2. Fixed parsing and syntax highlighting of block comments.
  4. Added support for connecting to databases by opening database files (with extensions “.db” and “.sqlite”) from the file system or Android Studio’s Device Explorer view.

SQLScout 4.2.0 Released
SQLScout 4.0.0 Released

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