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SQLScout 3.0 Released

We are proud to announce SQLScout 3.0!

This version includes compatibility with Android Studio 3.0, configurable “Live Device Connection” port, and many SQL editor improvements.


1. Compatibility with Android Studio 3.0

SQLScout 3.0 is compatible with Android Studio 3.0. This version is not compatible with older versions of Android Studio.

2. The port used for Android “Live Device Connection” is now configurable

Live Connection Connection allows you to connect, manage and update databases in your Android device, in real time. SQLScout 3.0 makes the port used to connect to device configurable in the “Settings” (or “Preferences”) dialog, under the “SQLScout” section:

SQLScout also includes a port scanner that helps you find available ports in your computer:

3. SQL editor improvements

This release includes the following improvements to the SQL editor:

a. Support for comments:

b. Improved support for subqueries:

c. Added support for between operator:

d. Added support for when operator:

SQLScout 3.1.0 Released

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